Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Incredible Q-Chord

I resisted getting a Q-Chord when it first came out due to the price. After seeing a colleague use the Q-Chord during a session, I realized there were several features that would be quite helpful when working with many of my clients. This is what a Q-chord looks like:
The Q-Chord has a great sound and it's very easy to play. To play a song, you press the appropriate chord button and then strum a finger across the metal plate. These tasks can be shared - one person can press the chords while the other strums or visa versa. The Q-Chord has a variety of different voices and accompaniments and is tons of fun to explore.

I use the Q-Chord to stimulate interaction, increase coordination, stimulate gross and fine motor skills and increase self expression.

To find out more about the Q-Chord, go to this website:

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  1. Here is some additional information on this topic that may be useful:

    Also check out this video of this 9 year child with a wonderful voice.. She is blind, autistic and has spastic movement in her arms. That does not get in the way of Kari expressing her music on the QChord.

    Here is the link:

    Detailed information on the QChord at