Thursday, June 18, 2009

Instrument of the Week - Gathering Drum

Another instrument that I consistently use during my therapy sessions is the Gathering Drum.

I bought a Remo gathering drum from West Music (online) for about $75.00. It came with two felt covered mallets. Gathering drums are also available on Amazon and American Musical Supply. This particular gathering drum has an excellent sound, whether it's being played loud or soft. The sound and vibrations from the drum are full and deep and appealing to many children.

Goals: 1. Increase ability to follow instructions 2. Increase interaction
One activity I like to use during my sessions is the "Play - Stop" game. I'll play the drum and encourage the child to play with me, listening to my cues. "Play - play, play, play, play - STOP!!"Encourage the child to stop as soon as he hears the word. Many children eventually want to be the leader and give the verbal cues!

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