Monday, June 8, 2009

Cabasa Exploration

Goals: 1. To decrease tactile and/or auditory sensitivity. 2. To increase interaction

The cabasa is a percussion instrument that makes a metallic, rattling type of sound when shaken or twisted. It provides a cool, slightly bumpy sensation that can usually be well tolerated by children with tactile sensitivities.

When exploring the cabasa with your child, allow them to first hold it and control the amount of sound that it makes. Once they feel comfortable with that, encourage them to cup their hands around the metal balls while you turn the handle. If they are comfortable, see if you can gently run the cabasa up the inside of their arm to their elbow. Then, ask if they would like to run the cabasa up your arm!

Where do you get a cabasa? I would first check your local music stores. Look for a sturdy one that is large enough for children to cup their hands around. They run around $25-35. I ordered mine from West Music . My choice was the Latin Percussion LP234A Standard Cabasa for $33.

For more cabasa activities, please keep checking for an upcoming book entitled "More Moosic Please. Musical Activities for Special Needs Children".

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