Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nonsense Songs - a great way to stimulate communication skills

I thought I'd occasionally input one of the "nonsense" or "silly" songs that I use with clients to stimulate communication skills. These songs have very catchy melodies and simple lyrics - or just syllables! I've found that many of these songs encourage vocal participation from several of my kiddos that have been reluctant to vocalize - maybe due to the simplicity of the lyrics, sounds or syllables.

The following traditional song called "Dum Dum Da Da" is one that many of you old Girl or Boy Scouts may remember!

I usually begin by singing the lyrics as written, then sing the melody in the following ways:
1. As a cat (meow, meow)
2. As a dog (ruff, ruff)
3. As a mouse (squeak, squeak)
4. As a lion (roar, roar)
Ask the child or children you are working with to suggest more animal sounds!


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    I have my little 8 month old in a Music and Movement class, as well as some other free programs where we sing lots of songs to her - she really loves them - so much fun for little ones!

    As far as nonsense songs - we do one "La La" song - with just syllables, clapping and kissing. I think she likes it - some of the other moms in the class swear by it though for their young'uns.

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