Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Using Songsheets and Songcards

I love using songsheets and songcards with my clients to increase interaction and to give children who may have difficulty with communication skills an opportunity to make choices during our sessions. I started by making songsheets -  8.5 X 10 inch pages with 6 pictures of familiar songs. 

Once the child is accustomed to the sheets, I like to make individual song cards - 4 X 6 inch cards with one picture of a song on each. These cards can then be shuffled, making it just a little more challenging for the child to find the song of their choice!

Add a picture for a song or two that the child may not be familiar with to encourage them to explore a new tune!


  1. where do you get the songsheets and cards do you make them?

  2. Hi Vicki - I am not a good artist at all so I use free clip art that I find in online searches to make the songcards and songsheets, but if you're artistic you could draw your own simple graphic for each song!