Monday, December 13, 2010

We Wish you a Merry Christmas on Handbells

I purchased the Kidsplay 8 Note Hand Bell Set with a case many years ago and have gotten countless hours of use during my sessions with them. I'm going to post more activities that can be done using handbells after the holidays, but for now I'd like to share a Christmas song that can be played on the handbells.

Begin by encouraging the child to choose the bells with the colors on the page below (red, green, orange, light blue, yellow, and dark blue) If the child is able to play all bells notated, place all bells on the table or floor in front of them. If all bells are too challenging, place 1 or 2 in front of the child to begin with. You may play the other bells if you wish.

Practice pointing to the words and encourging the child to ring the correctly colored bell when you speak the word (ie: ring the red bell when you speak "wish"). Once they have mastered the ringing while speaking the words, slowly sing the words while pointing to them and encourage the child to ring the appropriate bell.

If your child finds this activity easy, you might consider playing a duet with the piano, guitar or Q-chord and bells! (Make sure the piano and guitar are in tune with the bells!)


  1. where can I get more Christmas music that is colored coded like We Wish You a Merry Christmas? I love this! Lisa

  2. Lisa - thanks for the feedback! I don't know where to get more color coded Christmas music for handbells. I've been wanting to put a book together but just haven't gotten it done yet. If I run across some music somewhere else I'll forward you the link!