Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rhythm Bag Instrument #8

A Turkey Gobbler??
In choosing an instrument for the Rhythm Bag, I thought how seasonally appropriate the Turkey Gobbler would be! It's really a pretty silly instrument, but is one of the most popular in my Rhythm Bag. Why? Well, when you hold and firmly shake the Turkey Gobbler, it makes a sound quite similar to a turkey and my kids loved it! I frequently hide it when I want my client to find an instrument to use when interacting through music, but find it motivating and useful as a reward for another task well done.

I also find it useful for children with auditory sensitivities. The sound is a bit obnoxious, yet many of my children will still want to shake it and to explore the sound as it is really quite different!

I purchased a set from West Music a few years ago and unfortunately I don't find it in their catalog anymore. They do however have the Basic Beat Canary Stick and the Basic Beat Quack stick which should yield similar results!

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