Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where is Fred? Song for Communication Skills by Meghan Callaghan

Today's wonderful post and video entitled "Where is Fred?" was provided by Music for Special Kids guest blogger Meghan Callaghan. Meghan is a Board Certified Music Therapist and the Director of Music Therapy Services at Flagstaff Music Therapy in Flagstaff, Arizona. Get more information on Flagstaff Music Therapy through her website:
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“Where is Fred?” Song for Communication Skills

For those of you who work on speech and communication goals with young children, here is a great resource to add to your bag of tricks! I wrote this simple song to help support skills such as learning prepositions, turn taking, articulation, and using descriptive language. This activity a hit with little ones, it’s very fun and playful and keeps their attention time after time.

I use a wooden frog rasp as a prop. Between each verse, the therapist or teacher hides the frog. The child searches for the frog as the first two lines are sung. After singing, “Where is Fred?” the child has the opportunity to respond, and the therapist can help cue or re-direct the child if needed. The verse finishes with everyone singing together “Fred is under the drum” (for example).

“Where is Fred?”

Funny Fred the funny frog
Funny Fred is hiding
Where is Fred?
(spoken response)
Fred is ___________________________ .

©Meghan Callaghan

Adapt it!
Use pictures or small stuffed animals instead of a wooden frog rasp.

You can change the animals name if working on particular articulation goals (for example: “Silly Sara the silly snake” or “Jumping Jim the jumping cat.”)
Take turns hiding the prop with the child.


  1. Thanks for sharing this one, I will add this kind of music to one of my teachings to my special child. And I do enjoyed staying here cause I learn many things here. Thank you again. :)

  2. Great song, this is really great since you can teach others about good communication skills. Thanks.