Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Rhythm Bag

Whenever I work with children, whether in home or in my office, I bring along my "rhythm" bag. This is actually my "rhythm instrument" bag, but over the years it's been shortened to "rhythm bag". Apparently it's just a little easier for my clients (and me!) to say. Plus - the name fits! As I walk down the hall holding my "rhythm bag" it jingles and jangles, dings and tweets from such a combobulation of instruments knocking up against each other. The zipper doesn't work anymore and the bag hangs open when I set it on the floor, revealing some very used and loved instruments and enticing my little ones to work hard so they can pick something to play out of Ms. Pamela's "rhythm bag". 
I've been asked by parents, teachers and therapists what instruments they should get to put together their own "rhythm bag". I thought it would be fun to add a new instrument recommendation for your bag with the next few posts.

The first instrument in my bag is a set of 4 colorful EGG SHAKERS.
Egg Shakers can be constructed of wood or plastic. I selected the Basic Beat Egg Shakers because I loved the colors, they are easy and comfortable to hold and they sound really nice! The sound is easily tolerated by most of my children with sound sensitivities and they provide a nice tactile sensation, yet are light and easy to hold. Egg Shakers can be held in the palm of your hand or between fingertips and thumbs.

I have 4 in my rhythm bag so I can give the child I am working with 2 of them and I can play two. Egg Shakers are relatively inexpensive and small. They work well in group activities, so if you work with a group you could easily keep 8 or more in your bag!

**As with anything that can be put in a child's mouth, monitor children carefully around Egg Shakers and other instruments.


  1. We use these in my baby's Music and Movement class. She is certainly a fan. There was some discussion early on in the class about fear that some babies would try to put them in their mouth/they might somehow manage to choke on them. The teacher said, she'd seen babies manage to get them in their mouths - but they are too big to swallow and can't really go anywhere.

    I can't imagine them making it into her mouth (too big) - but I thought it was an interesting comment.

    Anyway - great post - and looking forward to seeing what else is in your bag! We are also fans of bells. Will there be bells? :) I don't know that they count as rhythm...

  2. Thanks for the reminder that we all need to monitor children carefully when working with anything that they might put in their mouth!

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