Thursday, January 14, 2010

Instrument of the week - autoharp!

I love using the autoharp during my sessions. This instrument can provide a terrific auditory and tactile experience. I like to lay it on the ground between me and the child I'm working with. I can then press the chords and assist the child in strumming as we sing. This instrument can also be placed on the childs lap, placed on the therapists lap or held against the therapists chest and strummed - wonderful for when you need to be mobile.  his would be an excellent instrument to use at home due to the ease of playing and strong auditory and tactile stimulation. I found a wonderful clip on You Tube of a Music Therapist demonstrating the use of the autoharp and different picks and methods. Click on the following link to watch it.


  1. Is the autoharp easy to use for us "non" musicians?

    1. This reply is about 3 years late, but it is super simple! Easy as pressing a button and strumming. Just a little practice and you'll be a pro!

  2. Cool You Tube video!